His psychedelic genre bending is at sometimes unconventional, but Martin continually finds ways to mix old school ideas with modern production. His lyrics dance between tongue-in-cheek and heartfelt in a way that you can imagine Martin delivering every line with a smile, whether it’s a quirky observation or a sobering realization. Either way it’s real.
— Windup Magazine
The Color Scheme is highly-tuneful, carefully constructed so that the different styles mesh and flow; really, a well-thought out piece of coherent work. A very nice, colorful collection of songs, without question. Jonas Martin has carved himself out an impressive work of maturity, skill and memorability.
— Pop Dose
There’s a persistent dichotomy to the work of musician Jonas Martin. His songs are unreservedly personal but boast a broad palette of emotions. He’s able to sneak in both a slyly subversive wit and a genuinely funny sense of melodic escapism. His earnest narratives are home to many perspectives—some of which are only visible after repeated listens.
— Nooga.com
His balance of deeply personal and broadly funny material, sarcasm and sincerity, social commentary and heart-on-the-sleeve emotional storytelling, calls to mind the dead-serious goofball poetics of somebody like Father John Misty, who feels like a contemporary touchstone.
— D Magazine
Martin’s debut solo release, Chokecherry Jam, strips the sound down to a rather gritty and raw foundation. Songs like “Apple Peelings” tickle the sweet senses of the musical palette, whereas “Wake Up” is not unlike biting into a raw banana, peel and all. The muddy guitar rhythms, the gospel-vibes of tambourine tapping and a choir accompaniment, and the haunting sounds of an old organ are the key ingredients to a song portraying the agonizing nature of sleeplessness.
— Dallas Observer
Martin definitely breaks the foundation of a traditional musician. Possessing an unruffled, yet confident style, his musical spirit screams rebel in every sense of the word.
— Blitz Weekly

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Photo by   Will Von Bolton

Photo by Will Von Bolton