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Chokecherry Jam exceeding my outrageous expectations. I know Jonas and most of the guys that are on the album and somehow they’ve managed to execute an album that’s greater than the sum of its parts. The songs are instantly familiar and the production is very forward-thinking. I’ve already been singing on ‘Jodie Lever’, my favorite track.
— David Ponder of SOMEBODY'S DARLING
Chokecherry Jam is a refreshingly creative debut album filled with foot stomping infectious songs and vocals! I love Jonas Martin’s whole vibe.
— soul-pop artist Larry g(EE)
If you want to hear what it sounds like if Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman and Paul McCartney had an illegitamate, savant love child... Jonas Martin is your man.
— Austin-based producer Nick Jay
Jonas Martin is a diligent clever songwriter with the past and future infused into his veins. It’s like young Paul McCartney met Dan Auerbach for lunch and sent him a vision through a dream.
— Dallas-based producer Jason Burt