1/5/16 - First Post

So I guess I'm starting a blog? Someone told me "it's a good way to communicate and stay connected with your fans." I think that musicians and artists like me don't fully understand that. We think of our art AS connection and communication. That it "speaks for itself" and that should be enough. But shit, of course it's not. People want to know what's behind it, I guess. I know I always do. Probably no one cares what I'm all about but here we go anyway. I'll try not to bore.

Something most people wouldn't know about me is that currently and for the past 7 1/2 years I've worked for my mom, who is a psychiatrist and has her own private practice. Originally, I was just working part-time as a receptionist and going to school. Then, full time and in the last few years, especially after my dad died, I have been essentially running the business. She's still the boss and the doctor (obviously) but I'm needed for pretty much everything else. It would be boring to list all the things I do but it's not a small job. And it's been rewarding, working with people, creating relationships with them and seeing them get better. But also, I can't fucking wait to get out of there. Like, for good. Haha, this is our first week back after the holidays and I'm sure you can imagine what that is like at a psychiatrist's office. It's... well, crazy. I will always respect my mother immensely for being able to do what she does but I'm about at my wit's end. The dream is to make this music stuff into a serious occupation, as it were.

Tomorrow, I'm going over to Mona. Mona is where everyone that is a musician lives at some point. I mean, not really. Mostly, The Texas Gents live there but several others in the local scene live or have lived there and I'm sure anybody who's anybody has crashed on their couch at least once. Anyways, I'm going to Mona tomorrow to record with Jason Burt (He lives there and also he's my producer). This will be our 7th week since we started my new album and I'd say we're nearing... two-thirds? of it being complete. That might be generous. It's still hard to tell. It's kind of down to me right now and my supposed-to-be silky smooth voice. But, my voice isn't cooperating fully. Or I kinda suck at singing. A little of both. The cool thing is that we're able to take our time and figure out how each song should be sung. That's huge. I've never had this kind of time. Thank heaven for that Kickstarter campaign. The bad thing about having so much time is that I'm extremely impatient, especially if it's ME that is holding things up. So, hopefully tomorrow will be good day for vocals.

That's it for me today, I'm off to chain-smoke some cigarettes! ;) We'll see how long this blog thing lasts.